West Coast Avengers (MCU)

We're Going to Hell

Doctor Frankenstein successfully patches Moon Knight back together. Moon Knight has a vision of Anubis and K'honshu; the time is coming where he and his friends will need to fight in the realm of Odin and K'honshu cannot follow there. So Anubis will hold Marc's heart and make it so he won't die — to a limit of 20 revolutions.

In a couple days he regains consciousness. "I'm smelling ammonia and not cardamom." "Do you want cardamom? I've got some Earl Gray tea. Probably shouldn't have tea right now though. The fact that you're speaking in complete sentences is astoundingly epic." "That's me, 'astoundingly epic."

Moon Knight recovers, the team gets some warm-water fish together and prepares to fly to Siberia to meet with the Soviet Super Soldiers. Moon Knight dresses as Moon Knight – Investigator — since no one wants him punching anyone ("yeah, but you're going to GET punched dressed like that).

Greeted by two large dudes, a petite woman, and a homunculus (about two-feet tall, most of it head). Ursa Major, Red Guardian (Nikolai), Dark Star (Vanya) and Gremlin. Doctor Frankenstein becomes fascinated with Gremlin — they strike it off famously. ("You look very good for your age." "It's the height".) 

We retire inside the base for coffee. There is much debating about giving Kate coffee, particularly Russian coffee. Gremlin sits in his specially proportioned chair, which legs extend and bring him to correct table height. Gremlin is a genius and engineer – "I built the Titanium Man suit. Very comfortable and makes me feel… capable in ways this body does not." (Yeah, he went there.) Nikolai (Vanguard/Red Guardian) looks like a Soviet recruiting poster. "We all still work for the Russian Army, but they pretty much leave us alone." 

"So, you are like Avenger's 'farm team' yes?" "No! We're the West Coast Avengers." "We only have ONE person on our team who can take down a building on their own (Carol), and three idiots — Hawkeye, Moon Knight, and one of the three of us, depending on the day. We do have them outnumbered with women three to one." Darkstar: "What is up with that? Every team — only one woman. We even had six members on our team once, still just me."

Red Guardian, not super – just trained and fit. Ursa Major and Gremlin you know. Lanya generates an energy force that is impenetrable to light – hence Darkstar. The West-Coast Avengers introduce themselves as well. "In Soviet Russia you need to make fun of everything or else you go mad." "Same on the West-Coast Avengers."

We discuss the coming of Ragnarok. Kate tells them about her parentage. Gremlin takes a blood sample from Kate and analyzes it: completely human genome. So are Asgardians the same species, or is Hela's lying? Lots of discussion. Suggest Kate try out Hodd's Bow (though did Hela REALLY give her Hodd's Bow or…?).  About a 200 lb test, very hard for her to pull, but she can do it; the arrow explodes against the tree. Carol tries and has difficulty drawing, but her's explodes the tree (with the arrow striking around Mach 3). Spring-Heeled Jack can't make it budge Dr Frankenstein has no trouble drawing it. There is something VERY weird about this bow. We can't figure this out. 

No idea where to go next. There have been no other indications of end times.  

All of a sudden, Carol notices the solar radiation decreases. Solar eclipse. Fury calls us: solar eclipses are happening in all parts of the world simultaneously — scientifically impossible. We contact Heimdall who says it is also happening in Asgard. 

We quickly recruit the Russians as "The Russian Avengers" (deemed so by Hawkeye) and Heimdall transfers us all to the Rainbow Bridge in Asgard. Everyone is gathering in the main hall. (Moon Knight: "Do all the colors look just a little over saturated?" Gremlin: "Maybe a bit, but we did just come from Siberia.")

Sif stands on the dias. With her sword drawn and the Warriors Three and the others looking as though she has lost her mind. Odin is on the floor — like Sif just dragged him out of the throne and thrown him there. "WHERE IS HE?" "Let me explain." 

"Is there a problem?" "Let him explain it." Odin stands up… and is Loki.

"Are you responsible for this?" "No, she's my daughter, not my lackey." "Can you use your magic to tell if Kate is of your bloodline?" "Yes, but there is a point of order. Odin is on Midgard, which means I am STILL the king. And I would like EVERYONE to find him; he will know what to do."

"Okay, now that that's dealt with, can you check on Kate?" He places Gundnir on her shoulder, and her flesh turns blue. "I am so very sorry." 

"Is there anyway we can stop this?" "Last time, father was able to keep Baldur alive. I am not father, Baldur is actually dead. His soul is in Niflheim" So, we need to drag Baldur's soul back from Nifleheim and find Odin, and we have an hour. Impossible.

Can we slow down Fenris? Captain Marvel could probably do it. Split the party.

Fight Fenris — Captain Marvel and Titanium Man

Find Odin on Earth — Moon Knight, Razor Blade, Spring-Heeled Jack, Ursa Major and Vanguard

Get Baldur's soul from Niflheim — Doctor Frankenstein, Hawkeye, Loki, Dark Star

Moon Knight makes Loki hand the seat over to Sif.

Midgard — Heimdall puts everyone on horses and we ride down the Bifrost. Gremlin goes running into the base, and comes back in the Titanium Man armor. He and Heimdall flash out again.

The rest of us board the jet, Razor Blade piloting the quinjet; Moon Knight changes into his armor. Fly to NY to find Doctor Strange and ask for his help. We know Loki put Odin in a nursing home in Jacksonville Florida. Strange is waiting for us. Strange opens a portal to Jacksonville, there is a vacant lot, where the nursing home once was. Spring-Heeled Jack confirms it is not an illusion. Strange casts about. "Odin was here, not for very long. The buidling hasn't been here in about four years." Spring-Heeled Jack goes on a computer and tracks down the patient, checked in as "O Borsson". Had a distant relative living in Oslo. 

Moon Knight asks Fury to have a quinjet and team waiting in Oslo. Strange transports us — to a place where it is about 40 below. Residence of Nills Borsson. We knock, "Oh thank god, I've been waiting for someone to come and tell us what's going on, come in."

An old guy with an eye patch is sitting watching soap operas. Razor Blade tries to get him to pay attention. Moon Knight turns the TV over to the news. He sits up, flexes his hand "I'm missing something… Where's my mead?" Odin to Moon Knight: "Where is your heart, young man?" "It's in safe keeping." Spring-Heeled Jack: "Your son, Loki, put you here. He is on your throne and is  in over his head." Odin: "I choose to trust you, though I don't remember anything." Spring-Heeled Jack: "Do the words 'Heimdall, open the rainbow bridge mean anything to you?" Odin:"Heimdall, open the rainbow bridge." It does. Drenched in the energy his memory returns. We travel to Bifrost, where he calls Sleipnir, orders Heimdall to summon whoever he can, and we charge for Asgard.

Meanwhile, Titanium Man arrives on Bifrost and joins with Captain Marvel. They take off for the sun. Asgard physics being different that anywhere else, they reach the sun - about the size of the great pyramid - in about 15 minutes to find a genuine giant wolf eating it. Captain Marvel whistles to draw its attention and they charge into combat.

Captain Marvel slams into the wolf, which bites back. Captain Marvel sets off a flash in its eyes, but does not blind it. Titanium Man sets off tangle cord missiles, which tie its legs. He breaks the bonds easily. Captain Marvel has Gremlin fire energy for her to absorb. She puts it into a punch and hits the wolf solidly. The wolf hits her, but she stops it from eating the sun. Titanium Man is flying around Fenris, plinking at it. The wolf bites at Gremlin, sending sparks. Carol realizes she can absorb energy from THIS sun and powers up. She grabs the wolf by the tail and yanks (to spin him around). Instead the tail breaks off.  The wolf howls. Titanium Man suggests a plan: he will fly into the sun and she can throw the suit into the wolf's mouth. Unfortunately Fenris bites back and hits Carol hard enough to make her pass out. 

She wakes up in Asgard under medical care. Gremlin is there, badly burnt. He got the suit burning and launched it at Fenris. He angled his escape pod to knock Carol to the ground. They could not stop the wolf, but they did slow him down.

Hawkeye's team rides for Niflheim. Garm guards the gate. "You can go in. I won't let you back out again." Loki: "We'll have to cross that bridge when we get to it. Right now going in is more important." 

They cross into the gate. Loki: "Normally this trip takes nine days." Doctor Frankenstein: "Can you speed it up?' Loki: "I'm trying." About 5 minutes later they exit. Loki: "I did not do that." A woman in armor (Modgood) is there "welcome to Niflheim. Enjoy your stay, as you will not be leaving."

There is an enormous, evil looking castle in the distance. Snowy tundra everywhere and not much else. And it's <u>COLD. </u>With no where else to go, they head for the castle.

They reach the evil looking gates of the evil looking castle, and the guards drop to their knees, welcoming "your highness". Giant, dark, smoky mideval castle as opposed to the grand mead hall of Valhalla. There are tens of thousands of people, extending out into the darkness. Kate calls out "Baldur" but no one replies.

Loki's flabbergasted looking at this place. They ask people, "where do the new guys go?" One gestures vaguely. "Weren't there four of us?" Lanya has gone missing. Doctor Frankenstein calls out for her and hears a faint response. They find her sitting at the table, trying not to eat the food. Loki puts his finger on her forehead and she drops the spoon and rocks back. "I hope that never happens again." Loki has put a small barrier on Dark Star and does the same for Doctor Frankenstein. 

Kate (rolling 100) sees Baldur. They go to him and Loki tries to touch him. Baldur elbows him in the solar plexus and Loki goes flying back 50 feet, breath knocked out of him. Hawkeye commands him to come with her, we need you back. "As you command" and he steps up, moving rather like an automaton, to follow them. 

As they walk toward the entrance, Kate and Doctor Frankenstein realize they are not heading toward the entrance, they are going deeper in. Another attempt and still, heading the wrong way. They remember Alice in Wonderland and try walking backwards. Dark Star falls on her keister, so they pick her up and link arms as they continue. Darkstar is singing "We're Off to See the Wizard" in Russian.

Loki: "I think we need to turn around now." Hela is standing there. "Hello father, daughter, mortals." Loki: "I don't suppose you'd do a favor for your father and just let us walk away." Hela: "Of course, as long as Baldur returns to his seat." Kate: "Would you trade him for someone?" Hela: "Certainly. (Craig: Alex Rodriguez?) If you stay with me daughter they can take him. It won't stop Fimbulwinter. The world is going to end." 

Hela: "If they wish to take Baldur, you must stay and never leave." Loki: "We accept;" he turns around and says "Silence mortals.This is a matter for the gods" But is not looking at Kate. Kate realizes he has made her look like one of the generic dead. She realizes she can slip away at her leisure. Doctor Frankenstein does not have the same realization. Loki turns to "Kate" "You are doing this of your freewill?" Nods. Doctor Frankenstein "Katie?" "Just go." 

Frankie, Dark Star, Loki and Baldur leave the castle, mount their horses and ride out of sight of the castles; where Loki pulls them to a halt. "And now we wait." Kate, real Kate, arrives and they realize the extent of the deception. "Now let's ride like the wind because she won't be fooled for long."

They ride to Modgood and prepare to fight. Darkstar envelops herself in this black cloud that lifts her from the back of the horse. She is glowing with darkness and shooting beams of anti-light. (Rolls a 98) Bolt hits Modgood square in the chest and knocks her back. Loki casts a blast of pure frost and traps her in a block of ice. 

They charge down the tunnel. It takes more than five minutes this time. Close to an hour. And then you see Garm. Loki casts a blast at Garm; it hurts but not a lot. Doctor Frankenstein dives at the dog and grabs onto it. Plans to be a chew toy. Darkstar disappears, and then reappears behind the dog. Casts a dark beam of energy (100!) creates an enormous clamp around Garm's muzzle. Garm shakes and Doctor Frankenstein barely hangs on. Kate grabs one of Baldur's swords and tries to pin Garm's foot to the ground (97!). It goes in like butter to the hilt. Pinning his foot. He howls.

Darkstar gathers everyone up in a darkforce construct and they find themselves outside the gate. "Sorry, didn't have time to explain. Run like hell!"


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