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What the Hel do you mean she's your mother?

Picking up at East Coast Avengers Tower:

Captain Marvel asks Heimdall if she can set up a way to get ahold of him when she needs to. Heimdall locks eyes with her; she experiences a moment like when she connected with the engine, only it's like she is feeling and experiencing everything at once. It's only a moment. He: "You, uniquely among your companions, are worthy of this attention. It will be so."

What next? Start with Derek BIshop? Captain Marvel will look into the current CEO of Bishop industries. Razor Blade suggests stocking up the Siberian base; Steven Grant provides the funds for food to store at the base. Razor Blade, Spring-Heeled Jack and Dr. Frankenstein take supplies to Siberia and scout the location out. Moon Knight and Kate Bishop hang back, fighting petty crime and keeping SHIELD's attention away from the rest of the team.

Captain Marvel investigates the CEO, Jim Schultz, and doesn't think she's seen anyone so "average". Bland as fuck: 40's, average looks. Done nothing of any note outside of making his way up to being the nUrsa Majorber 2 guy, pretty much just by being around that long. Utterly forgettable. Mousy brown hair, charcoal-gray pin-stripe suit, blue tie. Captain Marvel also researches Madam Masque, but comes up with nothing.

The Siberian base is pretty much the same as it was, including the bear. They brought some fish for him to keep him happy and friendly. Razor Blade explores for any secrets. Explanation: this is a small outpost, maybe run by three people; three buildings: Ops, Mess Hall, Barracks. There doesn't appear to be anything in the immediate area they would be posted here for, so it appears to be the proverbial "outpost in Siberia."  However, there is a basement in the Ops building, and Razor Blade discovers a secret door down there. They have Dr. Frankenstein open the door, no trap. There's a downward sloping hall that turns to the left. They go down with flashlights. Steep, but not dangerous. It circuits around a few times and comes to a metal door; unlocked. Beyond they come into a fairly large room. Normal height: size of a open floor cubicle farm — dusty and stale air. (Razor Blade sends word to the rest of the team… just in case). Dr. Frankenstein finds a knife switch for the lights, but no power. Razor Blade figures out how to hook up the quinjet's generator to the base. Few lights come on, but still, a few. 

Walking back to the quinjet they come across a guy standing there. Rasputin-like beard, short hair. "So, you are setting up shop here." Razor Blade: "Who the fuck are you?" "My code name is Ursa Major. Thank you for the fish." Razor Blade: "Who are you working for." Ursa Major: "Technically I am with Russian army, for a long time. But Russian army pretty much leaves me alone. It seems to me you significantly lack organizational skills." Dr. Frankenstein: "We're the West Coast Avengers, organizational skills is not one of our prerequisite skills." Razor Blade: "Do you want to join the West Coast Avengers." Ursa Major: "Join may be too strong a word." First visit, his presence was an accident, but he left a transmitter to know if we came back. He is not planning on telling Russian government about us. But wants to set up information exchange. Dr. Frankenstein: "Are you part of a Russian super hero team that hasn't been active in far too long?" Pretty much: Red Guardian, Dark Star, Gremlin. "I hear Gremlin has built suit he calls 'Titanium Man'. Think he has Tony Stark inferiority complex." Razor Blade: "We all have that." 

Razor Blade suggests two teams meet up. Bring everyone from both groups together. Everyone thinks this is a good idea. Group shares information about Ragnarok and the Enchantress with Ursa Major. We think we stopped it but… Spring-Heeled Jack: "So keep your eye out for… endless… winter… uh… yeah." Razor Blade: "Maybe a wolf taking a bite out of the sun would be more significant."

Share their powers with Ursa Major – Mikhail. Mikhail asks them to bring warm water fish with them next time. (Razor Blade and Dr. Frankenstein argue about whether or not they should or could bring the fish alive. Mikhail tries to keep from laughing. "You've seen us do this before." "Yes, always entertaining.")

Back in LA: Kate Bishop and Moon Knight, working together, fighting crime. (Moon Knight: "Nothing makes me so happy as something I can punch ONCE!"). We hear a scream and go running to the scene of a woman menaced by three hoodlums. With arrows, darts and a punch we bring them down. The victim reaches into her bag… and pulls out a golden mask!  That's when Moon Knight gets hit with a sap and Kate Bishop gets hit with a tranq dart. 

Moon Knight calls Captain Marvel, "get down here and look for a heat trail." Moon Knight looks for clues: the thugs who were netted are gone but the nets weren't cut. Captain Marvel sees a bunch of energy expended, but no trail. She's got teleportation magic working for her? Or maybe: Enchantress? Baron Mordo — got fried by Doom. Doom — doesn't really work with anyone.

Captain Marvel lets the rest of the team — flying back from Siberia — know. Razor Blade: "Who decided Moon Knight would be a good babysitter?"

Magic or mutant? Can't be sure. All we know is stuff happened and we don't know what. (Craig: Sounds familiar) And Kate is gone again (Craig: Also familiar). 

The team tells Captain Marvel and Moon Knight about the Soviet Super Soldiers. Dr. Frankenstein: "You know the bear? Turns out he's more were-bear than bear-bear so…" We need to get Kate back and be there in a week.

Spring-Heeled Jack tries to track Kate's phone. Shows her in NYC. Moon Knight finds a surveillance camera and finds Madam Masque opening a magical portal on her own. The thugs disappeared as though they were never there.

So Madam Masque is a sorceress? More likely a sorcerer is using Masque's identity. Loki? Sounds likely. Head to NY — Brooklyn in particular.


Kate wakes up. No bow, but not tied up. She's lying on a cot and in a chair is… her mother? "I thought you…" "I know. And I am." "Where am I?" "You're still in the realm of the living. It's complicated." "I've heard that before, Like when dad told me you were dead." "I know, he certainly tried to kill me. But I can't die." She pulls out the Masque. "Do you like this mask? With it I can look like anyone I want to. But this is my true face."

She pulls the mask aside; on the right side it looks like her mother, on the left: a corpse. Kate's mother is Hela!

"This is why I have been trying to get you by my side. I've set it all in motion, the end of all things. I don't want you to be consumed by Jormungander. You need to come with me to Nifelheim. When Asgard falls, when Midgard is consumed and the other worlds destroyed, only Nifelheim will survive. We can rebuild from there."

"Are you serious." "Think about your proficiency with weapons" "What about my friends?" "If they are dead, they are mine, they will come to Nifelheim." "But will they be themselves?" "Of course. But you don't have to suffer death to come to Nifelheim, being of my blood."

"Why did you have me kill Balder?" "Oh no, I did that; the mask, my dear." "Can I have my bow?" "Of course" [pop] "Or would you prefer to have Hod's bow?" [pop] She takes both. "Can you show me Nifelheim?" "But of course."


Dr. Frankenstein constructs sub-dermal trackers for everyone (major effort getting it into Carol). And a secondary, active transmitter with a panic button.

We locate Kate in Brooklyn. Tracked to an office building. Razor Blade commands. Captain Marvel scouting from air. Moon Knight on a roof nearby. Spring-Heeled Jack recons from the inside. Razor Blade watching the back door. Spring-Heeled Jack hacks the security to get inside and stealth's his way upstairs listening for voices. 

Spring-Heeled Jack feels something, odd.  An un-echoic feeling, an absence, from a particular direction. Senses NOTHING there. Calls it in. Captain Marvel tries to look in at that area. It's pitch black. Captain Marvel picks up Moon Knight and hovers outside the location. The other three go in.

It's so black it hurts your eyes. Dr. Frankenstein reaches in, it seems… okay? Moon Knight comes in, attaches the grapple and hooks the other end to Dr. Frankenstein. Dr. Frankenstein walks through…

…to see Kate and Hela; Hela forming a portal. "Kate, time to go!" Hela zaps him.

Captain Marvel (hearing Dr. Frankenstein on the comm link) comes in through the window projecting light. Sees what's happening, tries to grab Dr. Frankenstein (then Kate). Razor Blade charges in; throws a shuriken at Hela's eye. It causes Hela's blast to miss Dr. Frankenstein and dissipate in the blackness (though on Moon Knight's side, it blasts off half of the building). Spring-Heeled Jack leaps in toward Kate. Kate yells "STOP!" Moon Knight races in, takes in the scene and punches Hela. As he charges in, his ankh begins to glow and he feels greatly empowered (+4 shifts!). His blow draws blood! And sounds like a hammer falling on an anvil!

Captain Marvel tries talking to Kate who says "You're coming in way too fast!" Moon Knight punches Hela again. Razor Blade kicks her; can't say if it hurt her. Hela rakes Moon Knight with her "talons of death"; shreds his armor, but with his boosted, Unearthly, Endurance she can't kill him! Spring-Heeled Jack, "What do we need to know?" Kate Bishop: "She's my mother. She wants me to go with her to Nifelheim" Dr. Frankenstein: "Do you want to go?" Kate Bishop: "I'd rather I could take you all with me." Dr. Frankenstein: "Say what?" 

Captain Marvel: "How do you know she's your mother?" Kate Bishop, thinks. Moon Knight hits her again (damn it!). Hela, vexed by Moon Knight "You have no place here sand-lover!" manifests and transfixes him with a wicked looking sword; which hurts bad, but still doesn't kill him. Razor Blade: "I don't care who she is." and tries to get in under her guard, failing. Spring-Heeled Jack "Let's go anyway." Kate: "Okay." Dr. Frankenstein guides them out through the darkness.

Captain Marvel guards the rear. Moon Knight calls "Carol, we could use another God here!" and hits her again. Hela grabs for Moon Knight's ankh to rip it off, but it explodes with energy outward. Hela is thrown on her back; making a slight groan. Hela brings her hands together and vanishes, along with the darkness and silence.

Captain Marvel calls to Heimdall, and is taken to the rainbow bridge. Moon Knight's ankh loses its energy, and Moon Knight collapses (heavily into the negative on health). Dr. Frankenstein begins to resuscitate Moon Knight.

Captain Marvel to Heimdall, "Is there any validity to Hela's claim?" "I cannot see the past but based on what I currently see, it is possible." Odin might know, but isn't going to talk with Carol. Captain Marvel is sent back. 

We get on the quinjet and fly back to LA; to a hospital for Moon Knight and a med lab for Frankie to analyze Kate.

"Kate, how are you doing?" "I'm in relative shock." (Mark: "I'm the daughter of the Goddess of Death; I'm in relative shock.") 

Okay, so we put off Ragnarok for, like 30 seconds. What are we going to do now? Should we tell SHIELD about what happened?  Probably Fury. What next?


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