West Coast Avengers (MCU)

Training Day

Minus Several Million Points for Setting Yourself on Fire

We hear that SHIELD tech teams disassembled the one Dreadnaught we defeated and the pieces taken to various labs.

The next morning the WCA assembles as a quinjet arrives. Nick Fury walks out.

Moon Knight thinks: "Am I getting fired? Three out of four Moon Knight personalities want to get fired right now."

Fury: "I'm here to see to some training for you people"

Spider Man is with him. He presents Jessica Drew with a set of web shooters.

We head to the training room.

First event is everyone vs. Captain Marvel. Carol is trying to take down a pillar, the rest of us are trying to stop her. Doctor Frankenstein tells the team she has a couple doses of a heavy tranquilizer; the only problem is the only place we could insert a needle would be Carol's eye. 

Jack hits Carol in the face with a tangler grenade, Jess web shoots her, while Frankenstein and Moon Knight move to higher vantage points. Captain Marvel burns off the webbing and tangler, and it is painfully obvious we aren't going to be able to stop her. Spider Man swings in and stabs her in the eye with a needle. Captain Marvel goes down.

Second event is capture the flag. Razorblade as captain one selects Doctor Frankenstein, Moon Knight and Nick Fury for her team. Spring-Heeled Jack as captain two selects Spider Woman, Spider Man and Captain Marvel for his. Both teams quickly strategize.

Spring-Heeled Jack tangles Moon Knight. Razorblade jabs Jack with a Captain Marvel tranquilizer; he goes down. Nick Fury disappears, the teams advance. Razorblade cuts Spider Woman's web line. Captain Marvel tags Razorblade. Nick Fury appears on the far side of the field and ices Spider Man. 

Moon Knight drops a napalm grenade to detangle himself, his suit blocks some of the damage but he is still badly burned; Frankenstein grabs our flag to make sure it doesn't burn. Captain Marvel grabs Frankenstein and the flag and heads for the goal. Fury already has the other flag and is on the way to the goal. Moon Knight grapple guns Captain Marvel to try and slow her down. Spider Woman venom blasts Moon Knight, hitting Carol and Frankenstein too; Jessica's webshooters explode.

In a photo finish, Fury crosses the line first and Razorblade's team wins.

Razorblade is named second in command for her strategic sense.  Fury suggests Moon Knight's name should be changed to "Red Lobster".


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