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Kate Bishop Needs Our Help, Again

This Looks Bad

Several weeks pass. 

Ambassador Mar-Vel has stopped by. He looks very odd in a suit and tie, especially since he prefers shades of green.

Weekly briefing, Monday at 8:00 AM. Aide comes in. Message coming in for the Captain, Eyes Only. Carol goes into a private room. Close-up and blurry image of Spider Man. "Not much time before this hits the rotating blades. SHIELD thinks Kate killed somebody. She might be heading to you. Don't let the SHIELD guys know."

When she can pull the team (minus Jessica) aside privately, she tells the rest of us. "We need to keep her safe from SHIELD." Some discussion, Jack is more willing to trust SHIELD than the rest. Communication comes in from Nick Fury.

Fury: "We have reason to believe the younger Hawkeye has committed felony breaking and entering, grand larceny and second degree (or worse) murder. At the Metropolitan Museum, one of the curators was found dead with one of young Hawkeye's arrows in her heart. The missing artifact is Hodd's bow.  This next part does not leave this room. The curator was Bertram Marks – Baldur."

Razorblade: "If it's Baldur, why not just think it's Loki?"

Fury: "There is security cam footage of someone looking like Kate. I know this looks like a set-up but I've got people breathing down my neck. We need to bring her in at least for her own protection."

DF: "If we bring her in, are they likely to stick her in a nice color-coded box whether shes' guilty or not? Or maybe the shape-shifter who has been known to use this MO and has a grudge against Baldur?"

Captain Marvel and Razorblade remember a way we might get ahold of her. Razorblade and Frankenstein debate as to whether we are SHIELD agents or just work with them. RZB: No way. DF: When it's to our advantage for us.

Cut Scene:

Kate Bishop wakes from a strange dream. She remembers fighting someone. There was art and artifacts around her. She took what looked like her bow from a display case. When she wakes she is not in her room on the Tri-Carrier. Not sure where she is, but it's dingy. And she's tied up.

Kate: "I am NOT going to be the damsel in distress!"

(Aileen OOC: That is also a Hawkeye trait though).

She appears to be in an empty apartment – moved out but not cleaned. The blinds are shut, little sunlight coming in. Hands, feet, arms tied with silk rope, lying on the floor. Using a wall, she wobbles to her feet. By lurching and hopping she manages to make it into the kitchen. Kitchen seems empty, not even a refrigerator. Smells a bit. Works her way into a bedroom; one wire hanger. A half hour of work, and she gets her hands free using the wire hanger. Quickly gets herself completely untied. Realizes she is in her uniform, without her bow and arrows. "And here I am feeling naked."

By the skyline, she sees she is in Los Angeles. (Is there a fire escape, probably not. You could go out the door. It's against my Hawkeye nature to go out the door!). Able to leave the apartment though the door. One of the low-rent parts of LA. Morning. Full sun. And she's in costume. Starts walking around, but doesn't really know where she is. She finds someone who will lend their phone and calls Carol.

Cut back

The team is flying on the quinjet headed for New York. "Moon Knight: "She's going to call me. We bonded." Captain Marvel's phone rings. Kate's at India and 3rd.  "Wait at India and 3rd. Run if anyone looks police-y. (What are you wearing? Hey what kind of call is this?)" Carol (using a Stunt) projects her emblem onto the bottom of the quinjet.

We pick up Kate and head for our secret location in Siberia. SHJ tries to disable the quinjet's tracking device.

Went to bed on the Tricarrier in my pajamas; woke up in an abandoned apartment, tied-up, in my costume. Dreamed about fighting someone in a business suit who seemed very strong. Yeah, that was Bladur.  DF: "All evidence points to possession. Congratulations, you are officially a Hawkeye now."

Research Hodd's Bow. No separate entry, but just information on the mythological character of Hodd — not confirmed that he was actually an Asgardian. The artifacts were on loan from the kingdom of Asgard. Talks about the story in Norse mythology where Hodd was tricked into killing Baldur. 

Maria Hill confirms that the arrow is one of Kate's broadheads that was dipped in mistletoe extract. 

Have Kate send an email to Clint, asking him to get ahold of Thor.

Touchdown in Siberia before we receive any response. It's night time.  "Siberian summer" so it's above freezing and snow is only on the highest mountains. 

Carol flies a few hundred miles away and sends Fury a text letting him know we have Kate and secretly secured. "Picked up package. Secured package in a safe place. Be in contact later."

Night and cold. But we have kept the base supplied — in secret.

[Good news: it's a full moon!]

Moon Knight takes Kate for some sparring; to let her blow off steam and to sharpen her hand-to-hand skills. (Kate: "Punching him makes it better." DF: "Yes, we all feel that way").

Kate notices "our" bear hanging out watching us. Captain Marvel grabs some food and lays it out for him. 

Kate gets email from Clint: "According to Goldilocks, Hodd's Bow is art object, not actual combat weapon." Carol gets email from Fury: "Second Hawkeye victim. Bill Manheim, counsel for Bishop Publishing. Found 10:30 AM in his home in NY. Same MO. TOD not yet established."

Not seeing the connections. But we ask Fury to keep an eye on Willy Evans (the kid from San Francisco) incase someone is targeting our old cases. Taskmaster, Mordred and his group of B-listers? Maybe, we still have no leads. 

Decide to disguise Kate as a boy and head to NY to investigate.  Moon Knight, Razorblad and Spring-Heeled Jack go to the Museum crime scene. Frankenstein, Kate and Carol go to the body.

Thor arrives and confirms that it is Baldur. DF finds she can't cut the skin of the body. Zero signs of decay — some clearly due to being in cold storage, but not all of it. Only sign of injury is the wound. Frankenstein washes  out the wound and seals it with glue and has Captain Marvel try chest compressions to restart his heart.  No good. Fortunately no other signs of Ragnarok.

Thor: "The last time this happened… It took a few years but he did wake up again."
Frankenstein: "Well I've closed his wound, so maybe he can still recover. Take him home and put him in a corner for awhile, see if he comes back."
Thor: "The bow is not the one that was used when Loki tricked Hodd into shooting Baldur. It would probably break if someone tried it."
Frankenstein: "What if a human tried it?"
Thor: "I hadn't thought of that; don't know if a human could draw it. It was forged by the dwarves and presented to Asgard as a gift during a treaty."
Frankenstein: "Why would anyone steal that among all the other artifacts? There was an awful lot of planning that needed to happen to take Baldur out; this wasn't a casual thing."

Examine Bill's body. He's human and dead. No indication of other medical issues — beyond being 40-something and a bit corpulent. Frankenstein collects the information he needs. Captain Marvel is absolutely certain there is no connection between Bill and the museum.

Museum: display case was smashed. Display case is about 20 yards from where Baldur was found. Did any security guards respond: no. Odd that Mr. Marks would be there at that hour. No record of the alarm going off. Log says alarm was on. Camera footage shows Kate shooting Baldur with her own bow with Hodd's bow slung over her shoulder. Does not capture the smashing of the case (panned by at that moment). No point of ingress, museum was not broken into. She came in, took the bow and walked out the door, which also should have been alarmed. No indication why Baldur was here at that time. Appears Baldur's stuff has been recently "gone through" but nothing appears to be out of place. One of the locks on his desk has been forced. Razorblade grabs his journal (written in Asgardian). Baldur was not in his office when the break in occurred. The camera goes from nothing to everything happening in about 10 seconds.

Manheim's VERY nice apartment. Security footage: shows nothing. No indication of anyone coming into or leaving the apartment building. Found in his chair at his desk. Attacker shot over the desk at him, standing roughly at the door of his office. No splatter, great deal of leakage.  Pinned to the chair. Someone walked down the hall from the living room, faint foot impressions – Kate sized foot impressions. Living room, high-quality wood flooring. No way for the person to have gotten to the living room in the first place. Captain Marvel determines there was a lot of energy in the living room in the last 24 hours.

MK Financial forensics: Bishop Publishing has been involved in a hostile takeover by Caravaggio and Finch — a front for the Mafia. Their main obstacle has been the legal maneuvering of William Manheim. Kate remembers that Madam Masque is involved with the Mafia. 

Captain Marvel asks for Thor to help with translating Baldur's journal. "Mostly talking about the objects… this section is about the bow. It was the real bow? I can't be the dwarves would… Baldur suspected the dwarves made the bow but it wasn't a recent creation, it was the bow of the orignal Hodd. On Hodd's death they reclaimed it. It might have been Hodd's actual bow… He mentions several private collectors, including Derrick Bishop approached him to purchase the entire collection." 
DF: "Why would The Enchantress want Baldur dead?"
Thor: "They used to date."

Don't know if anyone else can draw the bow; Hodd was an old man when he used it. 

Enchantress working with Madame Masque. Oh boy. Or is the Enchantress actually Madame Masque?  Derrick Bishop may be completely under the Enchantress's spell, doing everything at her whim. Manheim was super-gay — likely since the Enchantress couldn't control him he had to be done away with. 

We pull everything together and send it, Eyes Only, to Fury.

Try to develop a plan. Suggest having male SHIELD staff go on furlough. Turn her over to SHIELD. Make it public that she declares she has been framed, she knows everything and is going to reveal all. This should make the Enchantress appear and either try to kill Kate there, or abduct her. Need to have Doctor Strange help us: either prevent Enchantress from porting out once she shows up, or keep the portal open so we can follow if she gets away. Also put tracker(s) on Kate so we can be sure to follow her.

Ready to execute the plan.



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