Female kung fu fighter with attitude and very sharp swords


Razorblade is a tall, slim, athletic brunette of Eurasian descent. Orphaned at age 10, she hid from authorities eager to put into the foster care system. Yin Po, an apothecary in LA’s Chinatown, discovered Anne (true name – Anne Klein) stealing fruit from a local farmer’s market, slapped her wrist and dragged her, complaining the whole way, back to his shop. Over very strong tea, he managed to get her long and sad story. Appalingly (to Po at least) her Chinese mother never taught her any Cantonese, so this is one of her first and most grueling lessons. Yin Po is far more than an ordinary apothecary. He is a practitioner of the ancient art of Gung Fu and a master of Feng Shui. He unofficially adopted Anne and figured the stupid gwai lo of the foster system would never put forth any effort to locate a stray Asian kid. He was right.

When Anne reached adolescence she discovered that she had a unique ability to increase the sharpness of a bladed weapon to a level finer than a surgeon’s scalpel. The discovery came when she very nearly severed the arm of her foster-brother Yao during a live-steel practice session.

Over the next few years, Anne became more cynical and adopted a very tough lifestyle. Yao joined an Asian gang and Anne began to hang with them, adopting their arrogant dismissal of society and their risk-taking behaviors. She stole a high-powered motorcycle from a house in Brentwood and became an expert at high speed escapes and trick riding. This endeared to Yao and the other gang members, who used her skills to aid in high risk thefts of valuable items of jewelry and small museum pieces. They gave her the moniker Razorblade for her ability to alter metal edges and her sharp tongue.

Razorblade came to the attention of the mutant community when she was trying (unsuccessfully) to stop her cute, but dumb, foster-brother Yao and his gang from attempting a heist that she judged would end in death for most or all of them. A group of strangers turned up at the same location and engaged the gang in a fight. After the dust cleared and after much resistance on Razorblade’s part to reveal her mutant status, she found that they were a loosely knit group of mutants who wanted her to join them. She thought they were nuts to do what they were doing, but the lure of adventuring with them was more than she could resist. This band of misfits would later become the “West Coast Avengers.”razorblade.jpg


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