Moon Knight


A fighter most of his life, Marc Spector joined the Marines after 9-11. Following a dishonorable discharge, he signed up with the military contractor Crossfire. When his boss, William Cross, and best friend, Raoul Bushman, decided to rob the archaeologist, Professor Peter Alraune, they were supposed to be protecting, Marc stepped up to protect the professor and his daughter, Marlene. A noble gesture that got him shot in the back and left for dead.

Lying in the desert when the moon rose he heard the Egyptian god Khonshu call to him, and drawing strength from he knew not where, Marc answered, dragging himself into Khonshu’s shrine. On the altar of the shrine was an asp. He grasped the asp and plunged its fangs into his chest. Then all went black.

In the blackness Khonshu spoke to him and offered to restore his life if Marc would agree to be his avatar and strike at the evil doers who prey on travelers in the night. Marc agreed and donned the mantle of the Moon Knight.

Marc Spector awoke in a cave that terrorists had been using as a weapons dump. In his delirium he had broken into one of the crates, taken a syringe of a strange serum and injected it into his own chest. It seemed strange, but he was alive, and more powerful.

The crates turned out to be a mixture of Stark and Oz tech — bizarrely enough, arctic gear, which is why it had been left behind. Spector loaded the crates up on a sled and, using his new-found strength, dragged it all back to civilization.

He met with his fellow mercenary, Frenchie, who helped him modify the gear to fit his new alter ego and return to the States. Spector let the world think he was dead and created a new identity — the wealthy but self-isolated online investor Steven Grant. To help with investigating what was happening on the streets, he created the identity of cab driver Jake Lockley.

As Steven Grant, he reunited with Marlene. As Moon Knight, he tracked down William Cross and Bushman and prevented their attempt to start a wave of terror in Los Angeles. He has spent his nights since trying to clean the streets of crime. Until SHIELD came calling…

Moon Knight

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